Volleyb-rawl and Hypnosis

How in the world are volleyball and hypnosis connected?

First off: they’re not connected.

But I want to talk about both of them this week.

Plus, I got you to click, didn’t I?

Just a moment while I go cash my check from the Clickbait Union Cooperative Club (CUCC).

Ok, back to volleyball, or volleyb-rawl as I choose to call it.

My sister played in a drop-in league that meets twice a week here in our small town on the West Coast and had a lot of fun, so I showed up a few weeks ago. It’s been a lot of fun and great exercise.

Things get pretty intense up there by the net and the other day I even returned a shot that bounced off a teammate’s head and over to score.

Full-tiger-blood-style winning.

We play Wednesdays on a grass court and Saturday mornings (before the sand torches your feet) on a sand court by the lake.

The purpose, obviously, is to hit dingers. Fun is not allowed, although it occasionally happens regardless.

What can you do?

Down below there’s me at volleyball yesterday. I was wearing my Schwarzenegger portrait Beast Mode t-shirt.

A fellow teammate referred to me as Mr. Beefcake, which I think is fair, although I will say that my abs are beginning a Great Comeback.

As for hypnosis, it’s something I’ve been doing for several months now with an experienced and world-renowned hypnotist called Memo.

I actually met Memo in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at a pub trivia night and we got into an interesting conversation. We met up since then at an Italian restaurant for a couple of beers and had some good talks.

He eventually he offered to help me out with clarifying some frustrations and issues I was having.

The results have been remarkable! As Memo always says: the power of the SCM (subconscious mind) appears to be unlimited. It can heal and rewire things that could end up otherwise repeating for life and dragging you endlessly through past trauma and energy blockages that no longer need to weigh you down.

There are many popular misconceptions about hypnosis, and I’ve learned a lot more about it and how it works by conversing with Memo.

As Memo explains:

“Hypnosis is a natural function of the mind. You are in hypnotic trance to one degree or another at all times. When the trance is induced, the connection is solid and that is when you are able to get past the critical faculty and change whatever you wish.

When you attempt to change a habit with ‘willpower,’ for instance, you tell yourself, ‘I am changing this!’

However, since the new instruction set is not in line with the old, the critical faculty rejects the message and it never gets to the subconscious, which is the part of the mind that controls the functions of change. This is why ‘willpower’ is not the best way to effect changes in ourselves.”

My way of seeing it is that we’re all being hypnotized to some degree, but it’s partly up to us to choose what we want to be hypnotized by and why!

That’s where hypnotherapy comes into play.

The list of issues that Memo addresses in his hypnotherapy is almost endless, including working with other veterans such as himself on Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI). He also does rock solid life coaching that will have you sailing toward dreams you once thought were impossible.

I highly encourage anyone who’s having some challenges to check him out as I know he also does online sessions via Skype and Facebook.

You can shoot him an e-mail at mind.mechanic@therapist.net as well.

Until next week: take care ladies and gentlemen!