Are You Keto-ing Me?

The weight is finally over...

If there’s one thing we could all use more of, it’s people posting pics of their food online. Ever obliging gentleman that I am, I’ve decided to do my part.

There’s a reason for it, though.

I’m trying out the infamous ketogenic (“keto”) diet. It’s basically where you cut out sugar and carbohydrates and load up on fat and protein. Hello steak and bacon, salads and yogurt, goodbye pizza, cookies and cheezies.

I actually miss junk food less than I thought I would, likely due to the filling nature of the meats and fats.

Below you can see a meal I whipped up. It’s bacon, fried eggs, salsa, avocado, grated cheddar and diced jalapenos. With options like this, I’m more than game to stick with keto.

My plan is to keep with the keto diet for 2.5 months. I started the diet six days ago weighing 220 lbs. and am now at 218. My goal is to hit 197, because I think that number sounds cool (it’s probably not as catchy in plodding kilograms).

Mainly I want to reduce my belly fat, so it’s not as much about numbers per se anyway. I will be restarting a regular workout routine tomorrow as well that mixes cardio and weight training as per usual.

In other news, my quarantine is over tomorrow which means - mainly - that I can go to the lake and swim and go to drop in volleyball that my sister told me about. Thanks, Tarberius (not my sister’s actual name).

Like I said, the weight is finally over (hopefully).

And the wait is definitely over, since I’ve done the Health Canada rigamarole and am now cleared to enter the non-zombie populace. Just remember, if a public health authority tells you to walk off a cliff so you don’t get a cold you do it.

Have a good weekend. If anyone here has some interesting keto recipes or advice please send it my way.