What's Next?

Long time no update

Apologies for the delay, folks. It’s been a busy summer here out West, including volleyball, hot yoga, gym, birthdays, family visits and things like that.

I’ve been really enjoying hot yoga, which I’m doing out at Alderlea Farm and Cafe. The farm is run by John and Katie (my former grade school teacher in Waldorf).

John did yoga training in Thailand, so he knows his stuff. It’s a real challenge -in a positive way - and the beginning spells of dizziness don’t happen anymore. I’m noticing progress and more confidence in it.

You leave hot yoga feeling ultra-refreshed. I also really enjoyed reading the book John loaned me called Hell-Bent: Obsession, Pain, and the Search for Something Like Transcendence in Competitive Yoga by Ben Lorr. It’s about Lorr’s time studying bikram yoga (since renamed “hot yoga”) and the people he met and worked with, including Bikram himself (quite a character).

In Other News

My sister @trbrian leaves back for Berlin in a few days, and I leave for Mexico in around a week.

Below is a photo of the jungle I found online. It’s how I envision the path to my future cabin and plot of land in Brasil.

Here’s a rare photo of Volleypaul in action.

Below is a picture of T, mom and me at Port Renfrew, BC.

And here is the view from French Beach. It’s located on the west coast of Vancouver Island an hour or two north of the town of Sooke. Other nice nearby beaches including Sandcut, China and Sombrio.

Covid Culture

BC starts its vaccine mandate on Sept. 13 which means you need at least one shot to enter any non-essential business.

It’s interesting that we heard all about “herd immunity” for months and now that’s disappeared as a topic. The small fact the vaccines basically don’t work to stop transmission also has been brushed over since they supposedly lower fatality.

I’ve heard a lot of direct anecdotes from people whose family and friends have had horrific side effects, but hopefully the vaccines are also helping others and increasing survival rate. Statistics from Israel certainly call that into question, though.

As for me, I think I’ll decline the New World Order nanotech for now, thanks.

I need more time to start embracing my inner cyborg before I’m ready for the full software update.

Remember, like Gandhi said:

Be the glitch you wish to see in the Matrix.

What About Paul’s Book?

My book Cultworld is currently in progress and is around 80% complete.

However I’ve been a little busy overall. I estimate that the first draft will be done in one month, so please hold me to that.

At this point I’ll likely go with self-publishing, hopefully with a digital and paperback edition available.

Addendum: How to Recycle Old Hockey Sticks

If you’ve been wondering how to recycle old hockey sticks, try using them to remake a wheelbarrow. Technically I used one old Sherwood hockey stick from about 20 years ago when I used to play hockey and a branch.

The previous handles had rotted away. The new ones are functioning well so far, however the new problem is that the tire has a leak.

How is everyone’s summer?

Keep me updated and I’ll be back with another update soon.

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