What is Paul Up to Anyway?

You may have been wondering, or you may have not

What’s Paul up to anyway? You might have been wondering, or you might have not.

Either way I have a few tentative answers for you in the form of updates.

Update #1.

After I left Boa Vista, Brazil in mid-January I spent one night in Guatemala City and then got on a flight to Mexico.

The pictures above are from a classified location in Mexico where I spent three weeks. Most of the people were couples and the hotel was only about 30% full, but I did meet a special friend whose name starts with L. ;) and a great group of friends from the Pacific Northwest (hey Alex, Josh, David, Sam, Vas et. al).

I was working during the time, but also got to enjoy the beach and some games of volleyball.

After the above undisclosed location I then took a collectivo van to the city of Playa del Carmen. The last time I was here was in my early teens with my grandma and mom and sister, so it’s funny being back all these years later.

The place seems way bigger and is quite nice, although the people trying to sell you drugs along the main tourist strip are quite annoying.

The photo below is my hostel here in Playa. It’s a lot smaller rooms than the all-inclusive resort where I gorged myself on burgers, nachos and margaritas, but it’s really nice as well and a lot cheaper.

Not sure if / when I’ll head back to Canada especially since you now have to pay $2,000 and stay in a detention hotel watched by security guards for three days to a week.

I might head for the states next and maybe mom could come meet me there, or back to Brazil. Suggestions welcome.

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Coming up in several days I’ll have a post here for paid subscribers with an advance preview of my upcoming book Cultworld, a book about the search for belonging and truth (nbd).